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2 barrels.  50 cases.  600 bottles.  These all mean the same thing: a beginning.  As Jon Brion sang, "You've gotta start somewhere."  A door is opened, this is happening.  Think Fireside Chats, Louis Prima, the FCC approving the construction of the first FM radio station.  Nikola Tesla would approve.  Wine has something to say, think of it as a conductor.  What does it say to you?

Wine is community.  We share wine with those close to us, and those we wish to get to know better.  So why not let it sing to us?  What sings to you?  An expression so dear that words sometimes cannot explain.  Just watch the look on their face when the first sip goes down.  What about the last sip?  The true mark of a great wine is when the last sip is the best.  That sings to us.